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NIGHT TEETH: A Dull Vampiric Mob Tale

Filling in for his older brother as a chauffeur, Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) discovers his passengers (Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry) are vampires, which thrusts him into the LA scene that’s run by a bloodthirsty mob of sorts. Night Teeth reels you in with a vibrant concept but ultimately lacks a pulse within its execution.

Visually Night Teeth stakes it—sorry, had to throw in another pun—with a neon, retro-futuristic style that begins at the opening sequence and continues throughout. The film has some great style with its sets, costume design, and cinematography which offers a nice change for a vampire flick, somewhat trading in the gothic noir we’re used to; and traditionally love.

However, style can’t save the otherwise dull story. It takes well into the third act for things to finally pick up and there to be some critical narrative development, but at that point, I’m just not entirely sold. The performances throughout are lukewarm and despite some familiar faces popping up to spice things up, like Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney, there’s simply no excitement in total.

Night Teeth at least has a lead who is super likable and the scenes with Lendeborg Jr. and Ryan as their characters bond are highlights. The ending is fairly enjoyable, I just wish it didn’t lag so much leading up to it.

Night Teeth is now available on Netflix


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