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An Influencer Breaks in Horror-Comedy SISSY

Twelve years after an incident broke their friendship apart, former besties Cecilia and Emma run into each randomly. With old memories flooding back and her impending nuptials, Emma invites Cecilia to her bachelorette getaway.

Now a successful influencer focusing on self-care, Cecilia struggles with the more traumatic memories from her childhood, the very thing that broke her and her best friend apart. With emotions heightened—and an unexpected reunion with a former bully—the weekend is about to take a gruesome turn.

Sissy was an unexpected horror-comedy that leans heavily into satire than cracking jokes. Writing and directing duo Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes crafted something that feels balanced with its dark humor and quirky horrors. I almost want to call it more of a “whimsical horror” for its creative editing tricks and striking visuals.

There have been quite a few “influencer”-inspired horror movies and thrillers in recent years, to be expected, but this film does a great job of changing things up and not feeling like a cringe-worthy gimmick or something trying to push a heavy message. It also doesn’t sacrifice some gruesome visual gags in favor of a polished aesthetic. It’s fun, weird, and offers quite a nice little twist at the end.

Sissy premieres on Shudder later this year

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