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UNHUMAN: A Horror Comedy With a Different Bite

When a field trip takes a deadly turn for a group of high schoolers, unlikely friends will have to band together to defeat the a common enemy. A screwball horror comedy billed as the nightmarish version of The Breakfast ClubUnhuman offers a unique approach to the zombie genre, with some twists along the ride, though it ultimately doesn’t pack a fierce bite.

Directed by Marcus Dunstan and cowritten with Patrick Melton, Unhuman is quite the departure from their most well-known work. Having created The Collector and having left their mark on the Saw franchise, the two are not new to the genre. With this film, they trade in most of the gore for an adolescence tale of friendship in the face of chaotic horrors.

On the surface, the film has a lot to nitpick, sometimes just how things feel cheaply executed. Once the curtain is slightly pulled back in the final act, some things feel somewhat excusable. But those unexpected turns don’t fully make up for the, at times jarring, stylistic flaws.

It just felt too exaggerated at times. From some of the transitions at the beginning to the dialogue throughout. It heavily leans into its ultra-thin message in a clunky way that constantly pulls from the scarier elements.

I can’t help but wonder if the film was originally meant to be an installment of the Into the Dark series, which has been on pause since the pandemic. The film’s energy, the somewhat hokey nature of the script and scene work — everything feels more in line with some stories from that anthology. There are fun moments, but Unhuman was missing an edge the creators are so well known for.

Unhuman is available on VOD today

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