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JURASSIC WORLD: Does It Live Up To The Original Trilogy?

Over the weekend I was finally able to catch Jurassic World. To say I was excited about this film is an understatement. I am a huge fan of the series and grew up watching them over and over. I went into it without having too high of expectations since the original film is so dear to my heart. I also went in knowing what to expect – an epic dinosaur adventure. Well, that’s sort of what I got.

Without spoiling the movie too much I will say it gives you your share of awesome dinosaurs. The CGI is great and the movie is action packed the majority of the time. Indominous Rex is a very cool design, but it left me wondering why on earth would these people create this thing. There were great moments throughout the film that made reference to the original. We see the DNA cartoon once again, the original park’s main building, those wonderful jeeps, and more. Chris Pratt was a great lead for the film. They didn’t try to make him overly funny and you could buy him as a raptor trainer.


I found a few things that bothered me throughout the film. Hopefully things that will easily be tweaked for sequels. The character of Claire, played by Bryce Dallas-Howard was awful. They wanted to make a Hammond-esque character and they failed. I enjoyed the idea of her nephews being in the park and there was a slight subtle nod to the kids in the original film, but she was the most annoying thing about this movie. She was awkward in her role as a work obsessed woman who has no relationship with her family and she’s “too busy” for her own. The weird romantic connection between her and Owen (Pratt) was unnecessary. It would have been better had Owen just been on the hunt for two kids lost in the park.

And I have to touch on her outfit and its impracticality. Girl ran in five inch stiletto’s, the whole time. I know people are getting tired of hearing about that but it’s so dumb and that’s why it’s so bothersome. They made so many points to show close ups of her feet while running, so it was in your face at every moment. She would have kicked off her heels in a real situation. Going barefoot is better than heels, as many girls will gladly tell you.


Another thing that bothered me was the “villain”. Every film has a human antagonist. The first film had the chubby guy, the second had a corporation bringing the T-Rex to San Diego, and the third film had Alan Grant’s assistance taking raptor eggs. This film, I’m not too sure. Is it the lab for making such an evil creature? Is it In-Gen for wanting to use her for something bad? I honestly don’t know.

I also wish they would have designed the park to be less futuristic. I know that sounds weird, but it was so CGI-heavy and unrealistic at times. Was this 2045 or closer to present time? I wish it would have been more reminiscent of the look and feel in the original park. Just for nostalgia and realism.

The film was entertaining. If you go in not expecting it to be like the first, then you’ll be fine. But to answer the question of living up to the original trilogy, it could never. The first film was great in all aspects, not to mention a breakthrough in CGI. It will leave you with the same feelings as the second and third, so take that for what you will.

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