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The Spectacular DEADPOOL Finally Done Right

I’m not even sure how to go about analyzing this film. This was such a highly anticipated film that expectations were set so high, but this surpassed them all. Material unlike any other comic book, an R-rating was the only way to properly get it done. This was met with some pushback by parents who felt comic characters are reserved for children, but a $135.1M weekend gross has proved that this film didn’t need a watered down version.

Deadpool is a different type of “origins” story. Starting off in the present, Deadpool tells his cab driver the story of how he became who he is. About half way through we catch up to the present where Deadpool unenthusiastically teams up with two C-list X-Men to save his lady.

If you’re unfamiliar with Deadpool, he often breaks the vail between him and the reader. The film perfectly utilized that by poking fun of Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, The Green Lantern, Deadpool’s past film incarnation, among other things.

Deadpool-Official-Image-Drawing.jpgWhat made me most excited was the inclusion of the leaked test footage scene, something that pushed this film into being made. The overwhelming excitement fans had over seeing that footage, proved to Reynolds and others involved, that this film had the audience that deserved a proper make.

It’s easy to make a superhero film nowadays. Explosions are easy to create. Fight scenes are easy to choreograph. However, a film is nothing without great writers that understand the character and an actor that is passionate about it. Ryan Reynold IS Deadpool. He delivered such well crafted lines in a way that no other actor could have done. In the hilarious opening credits, it’s even acknowledged that the real heroes in this film are the writers. It’s no wonder that a sequel was officially announced the night of the films release. They knew what gold they made and with the same team, they’re sure to have another.


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