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UNBREAKABLE, SPLIT Sequel Officially Announced

After almost 20 years since its release, M. Night Shyamalan‘s acclaimed superhero thriller Unbreakable will finally get the proper sequel fans have been dying for. When 2017’s Split turned out to be another installment in the films universe, audiences were left wondering if this meant a third film would later follow. Well, Shyamalan didn’t make us wait too long and released some of the exciting details, along with a release date, in a string of tweets.

Possible spoilers below


In 2000, Bruce Willis starred in the origin story of David Dunn, a man with supernatural capabilities, called Unbreakable. His arch nemesis Mr. Glass, played by the incomparable Samuel L. Jackson, a comic book aficionado living with a debilitating disease. The film was unlike any superhero film made at the time. It was a dark thriller that left a lasting impression on audiences. Since its release, rumors swirled for years about a follow-up, which were only further speculated by Shyamalan’s vocalization in wanting a sequel. However, nothing was ever developed.

Then in January 2017, the film Split hit theaters, surprising everyone in the end when it’s revealed to be in the same cinematic universe as Unbreakable. The film played as a standard thrilled, toying with the world of supernatural, until the end solidifies the notion of superior humans. James McAvoy plays Kevin, a man with 23 personalities that eventually unleashes a 24th “Beast” creature. At the conclusion of the film, Willis is seen at a diner consuming news of this dangerous man and it all becomes clear.


On April 26th, Shyamalan unveiled all the exciting details of a sequel to both films, titled Glass. The film is set to be released on January 18, 2019. Teaming up with Jason Blum and his production giant Blumhouse once again, and will see all the actors returning to complete the story.

Are you excited for Glass?

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