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Jordan Peele Cements Himself As A Master Of Horror With US

An idyllic vacation turns into a living nightmare when a family comes face to face with murderous versions of themselves. The highly anticipated follow-up from Get Out mastermind Jordan Peele delivers more of his now signature style, but also flips a switch on something you’d never expect. His ability to create another flawless and compelling story truly cements himself as a true Master of Horror.


Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) and her husband Gabe (Winston Duke) travel to their family beach home with their two children, hoping for a relaxing time together. Adelaide isn’t too keen on the idea of the trip, especially spending the day at the beach with their insufferable friends (played by Tim Heidecker and Elisabeth Moss).

Their trip will soon take a frightening turn as a creepy family stalks them from outside their home. However, it’s not just any family, but an exact copy of each of them. Adelaide will do whatever she can to save her loved ones from the demented doppelgängers hellbent on killing them off.


While Get Out was boasted as a social thriller due to its apparent racial tones and overall theme, Us removes itself from that. Director and writer Jordan Peele stating that he wanted to make a film about a black family, simply just existing, without their race being the focus. The film does however have a subtle dissection of our county as a whole, but it’s much more subconscious – you’ll have to get a little philosophical with it.

Peele also steps a bit outside of the psychological aspects of his previous film, and into a more gruesome concept. It’s a twisted story with a lot more chaos… and blood. But Peele wouldn’t be great at what he does if it weren’t for his ability to balance humor in there as well, timing things for levity that are just too perfect. Some of the most fun moments coming out of the impeccable musical cues (there’s an N.W.A “Fuck tha Police” drop that is pure brilliance).


What I appreciated most about this story, was the focus on the lead female character – a mother who can handle her own in badass fashion. It was refreshing to see a family dynamic where the husband didn’t try to be the savior, and instead trusted in her instincts. Nyong’o excelled in the role in every aspect, she was a force to watch.

Us brought to the screen a completely unique story that was constant fun, thrills and beauty. Peele’s work is inspiring as he creates a perfect film with fantastic collaborators, like Michael Abels who creates a stellar score for our ears. It’s truly one of those films that is a must-see.

Us finds itself in theaters March 22nd


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