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SXSW, Here I Come! JRI Takes Austin

Check out my favorites list from my time at SXSW below.

You may have seen the news on my Instagram, if you’re following me (you really should if you’re not), but I have yet to formally announce it here – I’m heading to SXSW this year!

I’ll be joining the folks behind The Screamcast Podcast to cover SXSW’s massive film portion. This will be my first time attending the famous Austin festival and I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity.

Some of the major films premiering there are UsLittle Monsters and Pet Sematary. There are also a ton of smaller, more independent films that I’m really looking forward to catching. Since there are so many films being showcased at the fest, I’m not entirely sure yet how I’ll be highlighting them all on here, but definitely stay tuned.

Top 5 SXSW Films

1)  Jordan Peele Cements Himself As A Master Of Horror With ‘Us

2) Daniel Isn’t RealUses Horror to Examine Schizophrenia

3) Teen SpritIs An Energetic Escape

4) I See You’ Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor

5) Adopt a Highway‘ Is A Heartwarming Journey

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The Mind is the Biggest Enemy in ‘Body at Brighton Rock

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