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Saying Farewell to SUPERNATURAL: Looking Back On The Shows Best Scenes

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the end… for Supernatural that is. After a monthslong Covid-induced hiatus, the final seven episodes of the series continue tomorrow night, bidding it farewell after a 15-year run *crying*.

Pardon my melodrama, but if you’ve followed JRI for awhile, you know I absolutely love this show. Since the final season was announced, I’ve been wondering what legacy the show will leave behind. Its ability to balance humor, frights, and a family drama, has been an admiral feat throughout its run. I’m an extreme sentimentalist, and it’s no different when it comes to my favorite shows.

While the show preps to take its final bow, I’ve been thinking of ways to sing its praises one last time. As I previously said, Supernatural delivers emotional moments just as well as any scares or jokes. There have been so many moments that have stuck with me and continue to hit me with every rewatch of the show – whether they make me laugh or cry. Those memorable moments are what I want to highlight before the show takes its last bow.

With 15 and a half seasons to choose from (as of now), the list would be miles long, so I decided to talk about scenes from seasons one through five; when series creator Eric Kripke was still in charge. While I’m happy the series continued for ten years after his departure, I have always felt that those first five seasons were such a collective masterpiece. Without further ado, let’s carry on (my wayward fans)


Season 1, Episode 1

At the end of the pilot, Sam (Jared Padelecki) returns home to find that his girlfriend Jessica has been killed by the Yellow Eyed Demon. Dean (Jensen Ackles) meets him at the trunk of the Impala and after a silent glance or two, Sam utters “we got work to do”, before closing on the series’ first episode.

It’s long been the line I hope to be the final words spoken of the series (keeping it open ended), but I was happy with it being delivered in the first episode for this last season.

Jump to 2:30 to see the scene


Season 1, Episode 6

The first time we meet a shapeshifter (we’d go on to meet many), we are given quite the practical effects feast for our eyes. It’s one of the shows more gory moments with some stellar special effects. Alongside the gritty sound of Filter’s “Hey Man, Nice Shot”, this sequence still gives me the creeps to this day.

In My Time of Dying

Season 2, Episode 1

Season two is one of my favorites, so much so, I wrote an entire article about it. After an accident in the season one finale leaves Dean near-death, Sam spends this episode trying to save him from a reaper. However, their father John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) makes a deal with the Yellow Eyed Demon to save his son – John’s life for Dean’s. A fantastic episode all together, but the heart-crushing moment when Sam finds John is just too much.

Everybody Loves a Clown

Season 2, Episode 2

In the aftermath of their father’s death, Sam pushes Dean to confront his emotions. After doubling down on being “fine” for the entire episode, Dean finally cracks and lashes out on his beloved Impala, which is somewhat part of his dad. It’s a cathartic moment for him and the first of many emotional breaks for the oldest Winchester brother.



Season 2, Episode 3

This episode isn’t the greatest, in my opinion, although it did give us the villainous Gordon Walker (Sterling K. Brown). However, the scene that steals it is this beautiful halo that is captured over Dean at the end of the episode. A blip on the map, but it’s a moment that always catches my eye.


Tall Tales

Season 2, Episode 15

This serves as the first time we meet the beloved Trickster (Richard Speight Jr.). The “demi-god” plays various deadly pranks with the likes of aliens and some urban legends. Honestly, the entire episode is pure genius and I don’t think I can even pick a single scene out of it. But if I had to choose, the scene where Sam and Dean bicker about what really happened, showing each one’s skewed perspective, is just too hilarious; and Bobby’s unimpressed demeanor makes it all the better.

All Hell Breaks Loose, Part I

Season 2, Episode 21

As the season comes to an end, we are dealt the hard blow of Sam dying at the hands of another gifted YED kid. Solidifying Jared and Jensen’s chemistry, this moment of Dean running to Sam as he falls to his knees evokes such a guttural reaction. That final “Sam!” just makes your heart stop every time. The scene is even mimicked, with roles reversed, in the season nine finale.

Mystery Spot

Season 3, Episode 11

The Trickster places Sam in a time loop, where he watches his brother die every day, over and over, Groundhog Day style. When Sam is finally released from the loop, Dean is fatally shot, and this time it sticks. Three months go by before he is released from the cruel timeline and reunited with his brother. He embraces him in a precious hug, but my favorite part (which I couldn’t find online) is as Sam goes to leave the hotel, he turns to look at the room and a sadness washes over him. As he knows this will be his reality one day.


Yellow Fever

Season 4, Episode 6

Who knew a kitten could be so terrifying? This hilarious scene is just one of those wacky moments that is hysterical no matter how many times you watch it.

Lucifer Rising

Season 4, Episode 22

After so much contention throughout season four, given Sam’s blind faith in Ruby (Genevieve Padalecki), Dean proves right in its reveal that Ruby is in fact, evil. In a jaw-dropping, albeit “I knew it!”, moment, Sam’s heart is crushed. But without saying a single word, the brothers kill her together. A badass way to end the season.

Changing Channels

Season 5, Episode 8

Literally every scene in “Changing Channels” is perfect. I truly couldn’t pick one, so I just picked the whole episode. But here’s a clip of the amazing opening credit sequence – theme song included.

Dark Side of the Moon

Season 5, Episode 16

After Sam and Dean die (again), the brothers wake up in heaven, where they discover it’s a highlight reel of their lives. Dean relives a moment with a younger Sam, where the two had set off fireworks in a field on a past Fourth of July. It once again establishes the more father-like role Dean took on for his little brother and it’s such a sweet, joyous peek into their relationship.

Swan Song

Season 5, Episode 22

Another beautiful moment from the series, that showcases the powerful bond the two brothers have. As Sam, possessed by Lucifer, beats Dean to a bloody pulp, the elder Winchester refuses to give up on his brother. We’re then treated to a nostalgic flashback sequence before Sam overcomes Lucifer’s grasp on him.

It would have been the intended series finale, if creator Eric Kripke had it his way. The show would obviously go on, with Kripke stepping away from the role of showrunner. But boy what a sad, yet satisfying end it would have been.

Throughout quarantine, I’ve been rewatching the series from episode one, something I often do every year before a new season premieres. This was definitely a bittersweet marathon, as I just can’t comprehend the idea of never seeing more Winchester adventures. Perhaps that’s my fault for getting way too emotionally attached to characters.

I truthfully could go through every season and pluck out several scenes that I just adore, but hopefully keeping it to the first five kept this article from getting too lengthy. Let me know what you think about my list of memorable scenes! Are there any that are standout favorites for you as well? Or what are other scenes that I missed?


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