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My Halloween Must-Watch Film List

Hi friends! It’s the final day of 31 Days of Halloween, which obviously means… IT’S HALLOWEEN! It goes without saying that it royally sucks this beautiful day falls on a Saturday and we can’t really do anything. So I wanted to put together a list of some films that I think would be perfect to watch tonight, all taking place on or around Halloween; attempting to stay away from the obvious ones (if I can).

Now not every film is available for free via a streaming service, however, every film on this list is completely worth the rental fee, I promise! But I have listed several ways to watch it and pricing.


[R] 2011 ‧ Drama/Thriller

Okay, I’m throwing you a slight curve ball with this first recommendation, but I think it’s a great film for those not into standard horror films. It’s a psychological thriller that unfolds the tragedy a mother (Tilda Swinton) has faced, at the hands of her disturbed son.

It has one Halloween scene, so I’m really leaning into it, but I found it to be a perfect encompass of the trauma and anxiety Swinton’s character is suffocated by. It’s terrifying to watch and the true horrors that unfold are unmatched to what some scary movies can offer.

Available on Hulu, or Google Play & YouTube for $2.99


[G] 1997 ‧ Family/Adventure 

While Halloweentown is the Disney Channel Original Movie of choice for the spooky season, I feel like this ’97 classic is so underrated. The film follows a couple of kids who discover an Egyptian mummy in a basement. As fate would have it, he’s awaken and hilarity ensues as Harold (our mummies creative name) finds his way in a modern world.

It’s a cute little story that actually gets a bit emotional in the end. If you need some 90s nostalgia, or want a sweet film to watch with the family, definitely put this on.

Available on Hulu (premium subscription), or Amazon Prime Video for $3.99


[TV-MA] 2016 ‧ Drama/Thriller

Just like the previous film, this one is for the scaredy cats craving some nostalgic vibes. I’ve written about Boys in the Trees before and it remains one I think about often. Set in the 90s, the film follows a teen who goes on a existential journey one Halloween night.

It’s an emotional story that takes you on a slightly whimsical ride through Halloween, including a beautiful Día de Muertos sequence. It’s not scary at all, but it will give you some great spooky feels tonight.

Available on YouTube & Google Play for $3.99


[R] 1999 ‧ Horror/Comedy

Rounding out my 90s horror affection is this ridiculous comedy starring Devon Sawa, Seth Green and Jessica Alba. In it, a lazy teen gets his hand possessed by a demon, which has him committing all sorts of atrocities, including killing a few people. It’s absolutely bonkers, totally 90s, and has some great practical effects. I think it’s wickedly underrated and definitely a must watch during spooky season.

Available on YouTube & Google Play for $3.99, or Amazon Prime for $2.99


[R] 2007 ‧ Horror/Thriller

I don’t think I’ve gone an October month without screaming at people to watch this film. And if you thought I’d stop this year, you were very wrong. Trick ‘r Treat is without a doubt, my favorite Halloween movie and I’ve loved seeing its rise to mainstream audiences. Don’t even rent this film, just buy it, because you’ll want it year after year.

Available on YouTube for $2.99, or iTunes for $3.99


[R] 2014 ‧ Thriller/Mystery

I recently discovered this film and it is such an unexpected treat. It’s a thriller starring Dan Stevens, who plays a stranger that moves in with a family, after he claims to have known their deceased son. The film dips into some horror elements, thanks to the classics inspiring director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett. And I especially loved its great Halloween-centered sequence in the third act.

Available on YouTube & Google Play for $3.99, or Amazon Prime for $2.99

That’s it for this little film list. Of course, you can venture back to any reviews from this month to find some others. I hope you have an amazing – and safe – Halloween this year. Thank you for sticking around for all 31 days this month as well. Stay spooky!


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