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31 Days of Halloween (2020)

Hello Spooky Season!!

Honestly, I’m in Halloween-mode as soon as September 1st arrives, but I’ve tried to reserve the true Halloween movie marathons for October. A couple years ago, I did 31 Days of Halloween for the first time and I thought 2020 was the perfect year to do it again since, well, what else am I doing?

Every day in October, expect a new review to be published right here. A similar setup to the time before, including reviews for newer and older films, maybe a television series or two, guest contributors, and of course – a giveaway.

If you want notifications each time a new post goes live, you can sign up using the form below or sign up for my JRI newsletter for a mid-month and end-of-the-month recap.

I’ll see you tomorrow for the first day of October!


Day 1 | READY OR NOT Puts a Sinister Twist on ‘Hide & Seek’
Day 2 | MONSTERLAND’s Fictional Frights Stand-In for Everyday Horrors
Day 3 | LAKE OF DEATH Is The Same Old Bleak Cabin-In-The-Woods Tale
Day 4 | OVERLORD Reinvents the Zombie Genre
Day 5 | HOCUS POCUS Halloween Giveaway!
Day 6 | “Welcome to the Blumhouse” BLACK BOX & THE LIE Review
Day 7 | Saying Farewell to SUPERNATURAL: Looking Back On The Shows Best Scenes
Day 8 | NIGHTSTREAM Weekend | What to Watch
Day 9 | BLOODY HELL Review: NIGHTSTREAM Feature Film
Day 11 | ROSE PLAYS JULIE Review: NIGHTSTREAM Feature Film
Day 12 | THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR: A Frightening & Emotional Next Chapter
Day 13 | “Welcome to the Blumhouse” EVIL EYE & NOCTURNE Review
Day 14 | WOUNDS Lacks An Identity or a Cohesive Narrative
Day 15 | The Longevity of THE CONJURING Universe
Day 16 | “Killer Movie” Giveaway!
Day 17 | HUBIE HALLOWEEN Offers Mild Halloween Fun
Day 18 | CAM: A Multilayered Techno-Thriller Exposing Online Horrors
Day 19 | In Defense of DEAD SILENCE
Day 20 | Again, I Will Not Dare You to Watch TRUTH OR DARE (2018)
Day 21 | A Newbie’s Guide to Sci-Fi Horror Classics [Issue 3] contributor post
Day 22 | Revisiting a 90s Slasher Underdog, URBAN LEGEND
Day 23 | TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES – Anthology Horror Weekend
Day 24 | CREEPSHOW – Anthology Horror Weekend
Day 25 | SLASHER – Anthology Horror Weekend
Day 26 | Frankenstein: A Story or a Possibility? contributor post
Day 27 | All My Issues With THE WITCHES (2020)
Day 28 | HOST Makes Those Scary Zoom Calls Even More Terrifying
Day 29 | VAMPIRES VS. THE BRONX Takes on Gentrification But Cloaked By Vampire Lore
Day 30 | HOCUS POCUS: Spooking Kids & Giving Grown-Ups Whiplash contributor post
Day 31 | My Halloween Must-Watch Film List

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