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It’s Time for 31 Days of Halloween!

There is nothing I love more than Fall weather, apple cider, cozy sweaters and Halloween. I’m sure it’s a total surprise that it’s my absolute favorite holiday, right? Last year I shared my 13 Favorite Horror Films in honor of October, but this year I’m taking it to another level.

So we’re celebrating every single day in October with my 31 Days of Halloween. That’s right, 31 days of content right here. I’ll have lots of short reviews for older films, new releases, Netflix series, a couple guest contributors, and even a giveaway. It’ll be jam packed!

So I’ll see you tomorrow for the first day of October…


Day 1 | Let’s Talk About My Favorite Halloween Movie, ‘Trick ‘r Treat
Day 2 | A Standard Heist Gets a Ghostly Twist in ‘The Vault
Day 3 | The Belko Experiment’ Will Leave You Wanting to Work From Home
Day 4 | The Chilling Horror Shorts of Midnight Video
Day 5 | No Wedded Bliss In ‘Honeymoon
Day 6 | Fake Ghost-Hunters Meet Their Match in ‘Malevolent
Day 7 | I Will Not Dare You to Watch ‘Truth or Dare‘ (2017)
Day 8 | Creeped Out: This Generation’s ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ with a ‘Black Mirror’ Twist
Day 9 | In Defense of ‘As Above, So Below
Day 10 | Cargo: A Zombie Film with a Beating Heart
Day 11 | Don’t Knock Twice’ Fails to Actually Frighten You
Day 12 | The Beauty and Gothic Horror of ‘The Haunting of Hill House
Day 13 | Dan Stevens Infiltrates a Cult in ‘Apostle
Day 14 | Why Rick Grimes Will Survive Past Andrew Lincoln’s Exit
Day 15 | Halloween Potter Giveaway ENDS 10/21
Day 16 | Reel Ghouls Podcast
Day 17 | Rings: A Mindless Attempt to Grip Onto An Existing Series
Day 18 | The Spooky Countdowns of Top5s
Day 19 | Halloween (2018) Gives Us All the Nostalgia We Needed
Day 20 | In the mood for true ghost stories? ‘Haunted‘ has you covered
Day 21 | Catch Ten Fun Horror Stories in ‘Tales of Halloween



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  1. So much fun!!! 🙌🏼

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