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HUSH Is The Breakout Horror Film of 2016

You know when you pass by one of those random horror/thriller movies on Netflix and sort of think nothing of it? I mean, how often are they really that good? Well sometimes there’s a gem that slides past that typical lackluster scare and truly brings a new terror to your tv. Take for example Hush.


Maddie is a deaf woman living in a secluded wooded area, hoping to gain writing inspiration. She chats with her sister over FaceTime in ASL, who really isn’t keen on her being closed off. With only a married couple living nearby, she is virtually alone.

When a masked man begins creeping around the area, sees Maddie as his next victim. Though he quickly notices that she can’t hear him and decides to play with her. While he expects her deafness to be a weakness, it seems he may have underestimated just how tough she is.


Hush places you into a horror film unlike any other. Sure it’s a slightly typical “stalker outside the house” flick, but the difference here is our protagonist. The most terrifying aspect of this film is not only that she can’t hear him, but she can’t tell how loud she is either. She must use caution and any tools she can find in order to help her escape. You’ll find yourself covering your mouth and being as quiet as possible as Maddie does her best to do the same.

When a film does such a great job of putting the audience in that same mode as the character, then you know it’s something special. It’s not often you find a truly unique story with such a unique character, and one that represents the Deaf community. This movie definitely provides you with enough suspense, scare, and terror.

6 comments on “HUSH Is The Breakout Horror Film of 2016

  1. This was a nice surprise. Deaf-initely a must watch.


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